fiscal conservatism and born-again christianity

Submitted to 3/11/09 in response to blog about Al Franken and Rush Limbaugh

Hi Mom

I’m an old guy who has been parenting for 30 years and am still continuing the process. As a middle aged (still barely middle) white male I probably should agree with Rush more than Al, but yuck!

For many years I wondered what sound fiscal conservatism had to do with born-again Christianity. For years I never saw the connection, but now I figured it out. The answer is: Nothing.

Here is the way it is: The powers of great wealth are smart and organized, marching lock-step like the Republicans in congress. This is in stark contrast to the liberals who are always squabbling among themselves and going seven ways from sundown.

Now, there are probably just as many atheists among the oligarchy as there are among the great unwashed, but they hang together and speak with one voice to swell their ranks with those born-again middle Americans who won’t benefit from tax cuts or corporate give-aways, but who believe strongly that abortion is wrong and that George W was a good, Christian man.

Using this technique, the right wing (sorry I forget, which is red state and which is blue state?) manage to increase their voting numbers to compete with the vastly larger numbers of people who KNOW they will never benefit from tax breaks or non-bid contracts, and who perhaps tend to agree that the crime rate declined in the ’90s more due to Roe vs. Wade in the ’70s than to Giuliani’s get-tough policies.

It’s a numbers game.

Give ‘em hell, Al. You’re number 59, we just need one more convert!