about the author

If you happen to draw conclusions from the title, well, that is up to you. Mary Jane Colombo has been my nom de plume for years, I am easily identifiable, easy to find, the internet is all-pervasive, and don’t make any gender assumptions either.

Am I recommending drug usage, endangering our children, corrupting the youth of Athens? No, not at all, Timothy Leary already paid that price. Should we have a tolerant attitude for others? Absolutely. Has the war on drugs worked? When I was in my 20′s, pot was cheaper than beer. Now, in my 60′s, after $20 billion a year for almost 30 years, crack and ice are cheaper than pot. You be the judge.

We used to sing “We shall overcome…” Somewhere along the way I realized we shan’t overcome, it ain’t gonna happen, so I learned to keep a low profile.

Is this website about drugs? Not really, only certain comments in passing may reflect a personal opinion and attitude. I’ve been clean for years…