good ride today, realized i hadn’t posted for a few days…missed a couple days riding, rained one day, had meetings…went early this morning, weather getting hotter as we come into mid-december, had my moment of zen this morning, more or less, a car pulled in front of me but didn’t have to slow down to miss it…

daydreaming about… daydreaming…never been much of an athlete, through 6 years junior high and high school gym class, i was aways one of the slowest kids, hated it at the time…always the last to be picked on the playground choosing up teams…i remember one time, playing kickball or some other rubber ball game, the ball hit me upside the head…i was just daydreaming, not paying attention to the game

still daydreaming 50 years later, daydreaming on my bike, daydreaming at the computer keyboard, never had much discipline but trying now to focus these dreams toward an end, a goal…becoming an expert…a guy i used to work with, top engineer in his field, said to be an “expert” you just have to know a little more than the people you are talking to…well on the web there are all kinds, so it may take a bit more than that

here’s the deal…working on 2 feature series for, the first to be titled something like “outstanding innovators in health care today”, the second “comprehensive review of electronic medical software programs”…gotta put on my journalism hat, first structure both series, figure out what i want to ask and what i want to say, both are very deep pools to dive into, i am nowhere near an expert in either, but should be able to marshal enough facts in an organized fashion to make it sound good

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