Topless women FEMEN protesters in Ukraine and Russia; Tinanenmen Square – Daily Headlines 22 December 2011

Topless women FEMEN protesters in Ukraine and Russia
Tianenmen Square protester stops tanks with his body
Oakland port shutdown
Los Angeles protesters evicted
Occupy Wall Street disrupts business in New York
Tens of thousands of protesters in Madrid
Zuccotti park campers evicted
Worldwide uprising map

This video is on youtube Here

Today, we review some world protest movements.

The FEMEN topless women protesters from Ukraine have demonstrated in Kiev and Moscow and across Europe.

And of course everybody remembers this courageous guy in Tinanmen Square in 1989, who stopped a line of tanks.

The Oakland port shutdown on December 12 brought the message home, and showed that workers and protesters are together. Several Oakland docks were shut down for the day.

Los Angeles protesters were evicted from their encampment across from city hall after 8 weeks.

Demonstrators gathered outside the European Central Bank in Frankfurt, Germany.

Occupy Wall Street disrupted business in New York for several weeks.

Tens of thousands of protesters gathered in Puerta del Sol in Madrid, Espana.

Zucotti Park campers were finally forcibly evicted on orders from Mayor Bloomberg.

It’s a worldwide uprising, make no mistake about it.

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