Topless women protestors in Europe; FEMEN; Bradley Manning; Iowa Caucus of the 99% – Daily Headlines 21 December 2011

FEMEN topless women protests
FEMEN in Ukraine, Moscow, Paris, Zurich, Vatican
Russia protests largest in post-Soviet era
Protests at trial of Pfc. Bradley Manning
Caucus of the 99% chasing candidates in Iowa

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Thanks to for great photos of the Ukraine’s Femen group of topless female protesters who have been baring their breasts in public in Ukraine, Belarus, Moscow, Paris, The Vatican, and other places in Europe.

In Kiev, Ukraine, on December 16 police and firemen removed a woman from a fence in front of the Ministers building, during a protest against the lack of women in Prime Minister Mykola Azarov’s government.

In Moscow on December 9, Femen protested outside the Christ the Saviour cathedral. The post-election protests in Moscow drew thousands and continued for several days in the biggest ever challenge to Putin, reflecting a growing public frustration with his rule that may complicate his bid to reclaim the presidency in next March’s vote. Protesters demanded that Russia‚Äôs Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that he stop his political activities. Putin, who became premier in 2008 after serving two Kremlin terms, filed this week his application to stand in the March elections.

On December 2, Femen protesters held placards reading ‘EURO-2012 without prostitution’, ‘UEFA attacked our gates’ and others during a protest in front of the Olimpisky Stadium in Kiev.

On November 10, Ukraine’s Femen protesters hold banners reading ‘woman is not a commodity’ as they stage a topless protest against prostitution and woman as a commodity in an official prostitution street in Zurich.

On November 6, activists from the Ukrainian women’s movement Femen were arrested by policemen in front of St Peter’s basilica after holding placards asking for ‘Freedom for women’ at St Peter’s square at The Vatican following Pope Benedict XVI’s Angelus prayer .

On October 31, Femen activists dressed as housemaids staged a topless protest against French former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in front of his residence in Paris

On December 16, at Fort Meade, MD, Pfc. Bradley Manning faced court-martial in the WikiLeaks classified leaks case. Protesters supporting Manning marched outside the gates.

On December 11, Russian nationalists rallied at Bolotnaya Square in Moscow near the Kremlin. Protesters are demanding a bigger say for ethnic Russians in the country’s politics. The previous day, December 10, tens of thousands of people held the largest anti-government protests that post-Soviet Russia has ever seen to criticize electoral fraud and demand an end to Vladimir Putin’s rule. Russian nationalists shouted holding old Russian imperial flags during their rally. Protesters held a red banner and shouted anti-Putin slogans. Russians angered by fraudulent parliamentary elections and the country’s ruling party took part in protests Saturday in cities from the freezing Pacific Coast to the southwest, eight time zones away.

In Des Moines, IA, Caucus of the 99% member were arrested. In the final days of the campaign the group plans to “chase the candidates and their Wall Street cronies around the state of Iowa”.

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