Melbourne police brutalize protestors; Police and firefighters lose pensions; Obama Iowa headquarters occupied – Daily Headlines 20 December 2011

Australia video
Melbourne police brutalize protestors
Fox News shows protesters
Police and firefighters lose pensions
Egypt protests
Brooklyn foreclosure
NY Times sells regional papers
Obama Iowa headquarters occupied
New Jersey police taser training

This video is on youtube Here

Great video footage from the Herald Sun in Melbourne, Australia

Meanwhile Fox news has protesters in Texas who want to keep a nativity scene in place, thanks for that Fox…

In Central Falls, Rhode Island, retired police and firefighters are having their pensions cut, in a move that could prompt similar attempts by other distressed governments.

Protests continue in Egypt. In a fifth day of unrest, Egyptian troops and riot police have tried to remove demonstrators from Tahrir Square, leaving a 15-year-old protester in a critical condition with a gunshot wound in the neck.

In New York, Margaret Passley, who works up to 70 hours a week, lost a Brooklyn home to foreclosure.

And the New York Times is selling it’s regional newspapers, following their sale of other assets. Is the times going broke?

In Des Moines, Iowa, the Obama campaign headquarters was occupied, and occupiers were arrested.

And in Trenton, New Jersey, police train with tasers.

Violence Enters 5th Day as Egyptian General Blames Protesters

The raid before dawn was the second in as many days, and it left a 15-year-old protester in a critical condition with a gunshot wound in the neck, The Associated Press reported, citing a volunteer at a field hospital in Tahrir Square.

Security forces had initially forced the protesters out of the square, the report said, but they regrouped and re-entered the area from a different route. Troops and police officers withdrew after clashes in which both sides hurled rocks.

The clashes came after days of street fighting that has left 13 people dead.

But in a scornful news conference on Monday, Gen. Adel Emara of the ruling military council insisted that the military had never used violence against peaceful protesters.

“The armed forces and the police pledged not to use violence against protesters actively or even verbally,” he said. Instead, he said, the protesters had deliberately provoked soldiers into clashes as part of a plot “to destroy the state.”

Egypt will never fall, he declared, “as long as it has heroes from the armed forces.” And rather than apologize for the military’s violence, he threw back the challenge to the Egyptian news media: “Why don’t you talk about the excessive use of violence by the other side?”

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