West Coast port shutdown schedules for 12/12 – Daily Headlines 07 December 2011

The newt
West Coast port blockade schedules
San Francisco eviction
New Orleans federal court order
New York police investigation
Protesting Putin in Moscow
Maine judge ruling

This video is on youtube Here

Just to prove it exists today, here’s the front page of the New York Times, Wednesday December 7, 2011. It shows horror in Afghanistan, and gives the newt top billing, while calling President Obama a “populist”. Later on they say he is “pushing an agenda”……….. Times you are going off my list. Thanks to Henry Shively of fromthetrenchesworldreport.com for posting a list of coordinated West Coast port blockade schedules, copied and featured as text on the previous post here. Fromthetrenches refers us to westcoastportshutdown.org, where Houston Texas occupiers plan to shut down that port in solidarity, and which publishes the schedule for the Seattle shutdown on December 12 and has instructions for the Oakland waterfront blockade, also december 12. occupyportland.org and shutdowntheport.org have meeting schedules and contact info for Portland. occupyseattle.org has the schedule for the Seattle port shutdown.

In online news, usatoday.com covers the san francisco eviction and the arrest of 70 sleeping campers. nymag.com covers occupy east new york, saying there were more white people there than in several decades. wwl.com says that new orleans occupiers are back, not a lot of them, but they are protected by a federal court order. Huffington Post focuses on occupy our homes, reclaiming vacant houses. Even foxnews.com reports New York police don’t want their conduct investigated………. pretty lukewarm photo, though. Christian Science Monitor has 5,000 protesting Putin in Moscow. Businessweek says a Maine judge will rule by tomorrow.

Here are some photos from the movement.

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